Nothing is


even the

word itself

says 'I'm possible'!

-Audrey Hepburn



About Lucas Lockwood


My name is Lucas Carvalho Lockwood, and I'm an actor in the greater Los Angeles area. I have over 6 years of acting experience in the film, tv and theatre industries. I've had the privilege to be very involved in community theaters, TV shows and independent films in Wisconsin, South Florida and now in Los Angeles. I find true joy in acting, but I do have to say that It has been even more rewarding to perform for children's hospitals, nursing homes and orphanages. The reason for that is because I've been able to inspire people to stay optimistic, spread love and pursue their dreams. I've also had the great opportunity to train with actors and directors such as Bobbie and Larry Chance, Mike Chat, Jeff Seymour, Kim St. Leon, Todd Bruno, Michael Jacques, Sara Rogers and Paul Tei, just to name a few. Acting became a huge part of my life when I realized that I love story telling and embrace challenges. Through film, I get to challenge myself in portraying different characters, with different backgrounds, which results with me learning something new about myself. I aspire to be a role model and inspiration to the current and future generations by leading by example, spreading love, giving to those in need and never giving up on my dreams. Overall, acting is the vessel that allows me to bring stories to life for those watching. To inspire, touch, and sometimes change their lives forever. 

       A few of my hobbies include singing, dancing, playing sports and exercising. I've been part of a traveling art school, where we've performed in over fifteen states, covering 10,000 miles. Through those experiences, I have become a quick learner, committed to excellence, a motivated and passionate person. I can say that my past experiences have given me the confidence needed to work hard, stay focused and finish the work I started or given to me.





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LA Agent - CEG Connect Entertainment Group - (818) 575 - 0420

FL Agent - Stellar Talent Agency - (954) 241 - 7376

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GA Agent - Burton & Robinson Agency - (239) 645 - 6870

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Demo Reels

This video showcases Lucas Lockwood's ability to play diverse characters and combat skills!
Watch as Actor Lucas Lockwood takes down two villains who attempt to stop him for saving the city! Inspired by the Arrow TV Show! Assista como o ator Lucas Lockwood tira dois vilões que tentam detê-lo para salvar a cidade! Inspirado do TV Show Arrow!

In this scene Actor Lucas Lockwood showcases his combat coordination and skills with other actors on-set of "Welcome to Utopia."2017

Actor Lucas Lockwood with social media star Markian B. 

Recently actor Lucas Lockwood, worked with the cast of the Marvel Film "LOGAN" and together they worked on a short scene from the film. This scene took about 15 min to put together and recorded with Lucas playing Logan, "Wolverine".
Stunt/Fight sequence between actors Lucas Lockwood and Jesse at XMA headquarters in North Hollywood.

This video is about a woman's great desire to find out the mystery of the previous night. So Did They or Didn't They? Featuring Actors Lucas Lockwood and Azaa Sh.